Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some good TV last night!

Friday night usually sucks for TV. But last night was good! 2 out of the 3 shows we watched don't usually air on Friday nights so that's kind of a bummer. Hopefully we can fit them in on their usual night. Gotta look into that PVR! Okay, so here's the rundown.

Modern Family: Funny funny show. I love Al Bundy. I mean, Ed O'Neill. I think the highlite was when the homosexual couple was trying to tell the rest of the family that they adopted a baby. The son/brother is trying to break them in slowly but then the Lion King music starts playing and the partner comes out with the baby and holds him up like Simba! I think everyone should introduce babies that way. Come right out of the hospital room with "Circle of Life" playing. The other great part was when the Dad had a BB gun or something. I missed the set up, but he was pointing it a a kid with goggles on. Then he says "You're scared. I can't do it." I think the kid wanted him to. Then the daughter comes out and complains that her mom's not being fair about her having a boy over. The boy comes out right behind her and the dad accidentally triggers the BB gun and shoots him right in the neck! YES!! I still have a few years before I have to get my BB gun. Oh, and it had no laugh track. I HATE laugh tracks. HATE HATE HATE! I'll laugh when it's funny thanks. Do I thank Curb Your Enthusiasm? What that show the first to do that?

Cougartown: Never been a huge fan of Courtney Cox but I found the show pretty entertaining. It's very adult oriented. Bras, panties, insinuated blowjobs. It's way better than The New Adventures of Old Christine. Same premise, but Cougartown is way more edgy. I liked the part when she was talking to the divorced guy down the street and they are talking about how he can get younger girls and he says she can't attract younger men. Then a kid rides by on his bike (14-15 years old) and she says " Hey kid! POW!" and opens her housecoat at him. The kid dumps it into the back a car. People crashing their bikes into car because they are gawking at boobs will never get old for me. Oh, and it's better than Joey too.

Now Flashpoint is always on Fridays. I f*cking love this show. Hugh Dillon is awesome. It's filmed and based in, Toronto. Yay for Canadian television! The show is very intense. I am gravitating to it more than CSI type shows now because it's based on saving lives not catching killers. I still like the CSIs but I'm not as hooked as I used to be. I'd rather laugh on a nightly basis than go to bed thinking about murder. Becky and I haven't watch Law & Order: SVU (or any others) since we had kids. I know sickos are a reality, I don't need to be reminded. Anyway, back to Flashpoint. Last night's show was really good. It had the "Oh shit." moment, the explosive climax and the emotional ending. I'm not going to give away what happens because it's going to affect the show. If you want to know, I can tell you in private.

Tonight is Saturday. I am too old to stay up and watch SNL. Plus, I have to work in the morning. So choices are scarce. I might see if I can grab a copy of Adventureland on my way home. That should over before 10 and we can go to bed early. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

Oops! I think you meant Ed O'Neill, not Ed Harris (

Matt Hinch said...

DAH! I knew it didn't look right! Brain fart!