Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To-do list for the next week or so

Just in case I lose my list....

Measure living rooms and get numbers to Dave
Call Purolator to arrange a pickup
Mail books back
Help TL with internet
Get the scooter inside
Strip down the van for parts
Scrap van
Make dentist appt.
Make appt with eye doctor
Make appt with Dr. Kenny for orthotics prescription
Give myself a haircut
Give the backrooms a good tidy up/organize/pitch shit out
Call StarChoice to activate second receiver
Burn movies off the MyBook
Download missed Heroes episodes
Download missed Clone Wars episodes
Make wedges for doorways
Lobby solar system to slow the rotation of the earth so there is more
daytime to get everything done and more nighttime to sleep, without
altering the gravitational pull.

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