Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting/rough day

I had quite the day today. I took the girls to swimming this morning. Then forgot the bag of towels and dry clothes. So I had to drive back into town to get them and drive back out. The girls did very well in swimming this year. Amelia passed Duck. Grace passed 3 levels, Sunfish, Crocodile and Whale (I think). They improved a lot. Then Amelia didn't want to get in her car seat and screamed almost all the way to the sitters. It was around this time I realized the tingle I felt above my lip was going to be a cold sore/impetigo. I usually get them both at the same time. I can feel the cold sore popping up on my lower lip now. So I stopped at the drug store to refill my script before heading to Kingston to buy a suit (see previous post). All my driving today was behind some idiot. At least that's what it felt like. When I got home, I paid some bills. That's fun. Watching over $2000 disappear. Try it for yourself! Or better yet, try it for me. YOU pay MY bills. Now THAT would be fun!

After my nap (work tonight) I didn't feel very well. It kind of fouled my mood. So when Amelia dumped her spaghetti on the floor so she could put her doodle pad on it, I had a moment and dumped her doodle pad on the floor. At least I didn't yell. One step at a time.

I did get to ride the scooter to work. No rain! I did almost get hit by a transport. My exact words were " Thank for movin' over, Fuckwad!" With my luck it will be raining by morning.

So yeah, a week before I am in a wedding and  I am getting sores all over my mouth. Awesome! Other people suck at driving. Awesome! The roadrash on my knee keeps opening up and oozing. Awesome! The Blue Jays keep on losing. Awesome! Ok, I'm getting carried away now. Back to the positive. I got to ride the scooter in!

I don't get it.

I bought a suit today. First time since 1998. So I didn't know my  shirt size or my jacket size. Which wouldn't have been the same as 11 years ago.(16.5 and 42 Short, respectively. Smaller now, if you can believe it.)  I went to 5 different stores looking for something in my price range.  All the ones I could find in my range sucked. So I went a little higher. I didn't want to spend much considering how often I wear them. But I didn't want a "cheap suit". I went with a plain black. The ones with subtle pinstripes were nice but I wanted a simple one for now.

So the jacket fit nice and all that. The pants were right around the waist. But they were way long. I overheard the guy telling someone else that all the pants come with a 36 inch inseam. Here's where it gets interesting. My suit is a 42 Short. The short is for people 5'9" or shorter. Who in the world is 5'9" or shorter, with a 36" inseam. Seriously? They would be all leg. Not so bad on a lady, but not a man. I'm 5'8" and they pants came down to my toes. And I think I am pretty well proportioned. Why wouldn't they make it at least a 32" and then if they get a leggy freak, they could switch out the pants? I don't get it. Then again, life isn't simple, so why should buying a suit be?

I ended up with a nice suit, (hemmed to my apparently short-ass legs) a shirt and tie for under $300 after tailoring and tax. More than I wanted to spend but I am gonna look GOOD!

(Did I mention I was trying on suits wearing baggy cargo shorts, a Cattle Decapitation t-shirt and ball cap? And I hadn't shaved in like 4 days?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mattfucius say...

Make sense of the world, for it determines your cents.

Whatever you say, can and will be turned against you.

When life gives you lemons, squirt them in the eye.

Steel your will against those who wish to overpower the weak.

You can tell a lot about someone by looking them in the eye. Like their mother's maiden name or what they ate for lunch.

Monkeys throw their shit because they don't have fans.

Seek not the answers to the questions you wish to know, but the questions you already have the answers to.

Forgive and forget (that you forgave).

If the best things in life are free, why do I keep paying for stuff?

You could climb your way to the top, but it's further to fall than from the bottom.

It's survival of the fittest. Unless you're human.

The Soulless

A post or so ago, I entered the first four lines of a poem/song I had started. I finished it that night. Now, I post in its entirety. Should I decide to do anything more with it, I will likely refine it. But here's what I wrote that night.


The wind howls as the leaves drift past

Buffeted by the spirits of the dead

The light grows dim with the passing of the day

Fading whispers of things left unsaid

As the darkness rises, the air grows cold

A pale moon shines down upon the earth

Creatures of the night wake from their slumber

Hunters eager to prove their worth

The forest teems with silent life

Nocturnal struggle to remain alive

Predator, prey battle in shadow

Hunt or be hunted, live or die


Demons rise from the ashes of a former life

Feeding on the energy of death

Masters of no one, destiny sealed by fate

Endlessly searching for their soul

Memories embodied in the ether

Soulless entities in flight

Searching, searching desperately

Suffering eternally


The moon sets as the night wears on

Strengthening the hold of the dark

Forces of evil descend from above

An army of hate set to embark

On the horizon, a gathering storm

Thunder and lightning in the sky

Amassing for slaughter, the demons ride

No escape, the end is nigh


The storm dissolves  as a new day breaks

The demons chased by the dawn

The victims, the dead, know not anything

For the soulless, the search goes on


If I was to make this into a song, I think the chorus would be the eight lines starting with Demons rise....the first being where it is, the second being after ...the end is nigh, and the last being at the end. I wrote another one last night but I am not sure if I want to publish it or not. It's pretty personal and I'm not happy with the chorus yet.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

so yeah

Yesterday I broke the button on my shorts. It wasn't the thread that broke, or came loose. I broke the button. Broke the plastic. I guess I can't squeeze into a 34 anymore.

Mom's home from Vancouver for a visit. I took the girls over for a short visit yesterday. Then we met Becky and Kim and Jacob at McDonald's for lunch. Before we took Grace and Jacob to the fair, we dropped Amelia off at the Lewis's. She's too young to do anything there. We looked at the sheep and cows and the birds. Then the kids hit the rides. We got them bracelets so they could just ride and ride. People that were leaving kept giving us tickets. Strangers!  We took them even though we didn't need them and passed them on to Matt and Kara Dafoe. We took a break at one point and looked at all the entries (flowers, baking, crafts etc) and got Grace an ice-cold fresh squeezed lemonade. Grace didnt' drink very much and passed it to us. We thought she was done with it. So we drank it. Then when we were leaving, she pitched a fit. Little embarassing when she threw her bag of cotton candy on the ground.  Needless to say, she got a talking to.

We picked Amelia back up, I changed my shorts and we went out to my Aunt's. My cousin Margie brought her triplets over from England for a visit. Much of the family that we don't see very often was there. Margie told us the basics of Cricket and she even set up some wickets and played with the older kids in the yard. Pot luck supper, too much dessert. The kids had a big water fight. Grace was soaked (and peed her pants but since she was already wet, she thought it was okay. yuck) It was great to see everyone. I didn't get the girls home til almost 9. 2 hours past bedtime. They went down pretty good. I had to give them a snack though because neither of them really ate well at supper. Not surprising, too much going on. I need to get more fruit leather though. They devoured them!

Amelia has slept in a "big girl bed" incident free for 3 straight nights. I've probably jinxed it now. Not sure if I need to get a new bulb for her night lamp or if the small night light that is in there now is enough. She does need more summer pjs though. And shorts. I can never find shorts for her. Becky must be hiding them.

I think (we think) Grace is missing school. She always wants to do stuff with her friends. She starts Senior Kindergarten one month from today! 2 years yet for Amelia. Becky said she is gonna cry on Grace's first day again this year. I was/am proud but I didn't cry.

Our neighbour is getting a new roof so he has a dumpster. He said we are more than welcome to put crap in it. I might do just that. Literally. Dog crap and diapers. Bagged up of course. Hopefully I'll get some time this week to clean out the backrooms and throw some more crap in the dumpster. I would like most of it to go towards Ceil's yard sale but I know some of it is just garbage.

I started writing a poem/song. The first for lines I've written are:

The wind howls as the leaves drift past

Dancing with the spirits of the dead

The light grows dim with the passing of the day

Fading whispers of things left unsaid.

It was a momentary flash of inspiration. We'll see if it goes anywhere.

It's gonna be a long day

I am going to be really bored today so be prepared for lots of blogging.
Not all of it will make sense I am sure.

i was very surprised by how dark it was this morning when I got up. Yes, it
was 5:30am but I didn't recall it being that dark on Friday morning. I
guess that means the day are getting shorter. And I'm okay with that. I
like the night. I just hope the bugs are getting thinner too.
I have alot of work to do outside that requires at least 3 days of no rain.
I don't know if that is EVER going to happen. I need to stain the deck, the
fence and the railing. The wood has to dry for 2 days then not be rained on
for another day. I think I may take that down to dry for 1 day. Because
it's not like it's raining a lot, just almost every day. So it's not so
much tht the wood is wet 2 days later, so much as it will get wet within a
day. The railing on the porch should be okay. It doesn't really get wet
when it rains anyway. But we have wait 30 days to stain it anyway.
Pressure-treated. It's gonna a busy August!
This entry will probably look weird because I forgot to click on Rich Text.
So all the line breaks won't match up.