Friday, July 31, 2009

On a lighter note

The other day I took the girls thru McDick's drive-thru. Grace wanted to go inside so she could "tell all the people that I am the greatest McGongalder!"

I narrowly avoided Grace's Cranberry Manberry Mush yesterday. I believe it consisted of (at least) chocolate chip cookies, mustard, mayo, yogurt, milk and Fruit Loops. In a cup. I am pretty sure I missed something.

We got a Mac Book Pro to replace Becly's old crappy laptop.If only we could figure out what the problem connecting to the internet is.


Appropriate T-shirt

I am wearing a very appropriate t-shirt today. It's my Cannibal Corpse one. On the back it says Centuries of Torment. It's good for today because I really don't want to be at work today. My teeth and jaw hurt. My shoulder blade hurts. My foot hurts. My back hurts a little. I had a cramp in my leg. I am in a bad mood. I am very tired. So, 12 hours at work today will feel like Centuries of Torment.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I dunno what's with my dreams lately...

I can't remember all the details but....

A friend and I went to a party at Neil Young's house. But we weren't invited so we were kind of hiding out. We were being searched for and stuff. Next thing I know I was walking around with Tommy Hanson of the Atlanta Braves. He was telling me that I didn't quite make the cut. But he bought me 3 San Diego Padres jerseys and took me back. On the way back up the stairs I saw Henry Rollins. I said hi, he grunted. I said thanks for the music and kept going. It turned out it wasn't Neil Young's house, it was a rehab centre run by pro baseball players. They cleaned people up and tried to turn people into ball players. I didn't make the cut, like I said. I had to climb down scaffolding to the street because we were hitting the baseballs off the roof.
Then I was hanging out in front of some store talking to a homeless kid. I gave him my hat.
Then somehow I was helping a little Asian kid collect these things. It was like, people would put out their garbage and recycling and then like utensils or something. Popsicle sticks? But we had to collect them and take them back to a depot.

I need to get a dream interpreter.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

another weird one

Someone put an ad on TV that they were giving away their cottage. FREE. We thought it was in New York so we didn't bother with it. (dumb enough I know). We were walking around outside Kingston and we thought we saw the cottage from the ad. We kept walking. I saw some friends of mine from work go to the cottage. They got it!! The cottage was huge. I counted 26 bedrooms. Escalators, servants, a food court. It was more like a mall with bedrooms. FREE. and we lost out.
They was also a crazy chase through the town. I can't remember what me and some other guy did to piss a couple guys off but they were chasing us with bats and stuff. I wanted to hide in the cottage (the friends were letting us stay) but I couldn't find an empty room. All the beds were full.
I ended up in someone's closet. on the shelf at the top. I was found but I can't remember by whom or what happened after that. If I can remember more I will post it but I have to go now.

Weirdo dream

Details are getting fuzzy so I better get going.

Basically me and some other people I don't recall were driving. it was on a road that seemed very video game like. the other cars were driving on the wrong side of the road and stuff and we had to swerve and what-not. We swerved into a church parking lot. the Church had big steps and stuff like a giant courthouse you see in the movies. We crashed and rolled the van we were in. the only person hurt was the driver. She was trapped in a crushed cart. Like one that they push food around on in a hospital. We thought she was dead. A guy driving a big truck said "Well, at least your van didn't get damaged much". I lost it. I was screaming like no-one's business at this guy. "You're a fucking asshole!" over and over again. He was basically ignoring me and going on about his business. We managed to extricate the driver from the cart, but she had turned into a very small deer. I can't remember any after that. But that is weird enough.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hypocrite of the day

I was walking down my street today when I noticed a bumper sticker on a car in a driveway. The sticker said "Lost your job yet? Keep buying foreign." This is an obvious shot at people who buy vehicles from foreign automakers like Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. The thing is, the car that the sticker was on was a Pontiac Vibe. "That's domestic" you say. Wrong.
The Pontiac Vibe was made at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California. (It is no longer, GM dropped Pontiac during bankruptcy) The NUMMI plant is a joint venture between GM and TOYOTA. The Vibe is essentially the Toyota Matrix with different body panels. The plant makes the Vibe, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Tacoma. So really, they have a bumper sticker downing foreign vehicles on a foreign vehicle.
Not to mention the amount of Ontarians employed at Honda and Toyota plants.

Do your research before you go spouting off with a bumper sticker.

Too much walking

I put the girls in the double-stroller and walked to Wal-mart. Then home. Then down to Gramma's. Then over to Kinsmen park, then home.
We left at 1030, and didn't get back til 130. I got very sweaty.
Good thing I got deodorant at WalMart! and hair gel, and shaving cream.
Gramma doesn't look good. She looks really old (well, she IS 90). But it seemed hard for her to talk and I think she fell asleep a couple times. She seemed disinterested. I should go down and visit her without the girls. They were distracting.
I'm kinda worried about her. Mom and Jess have said she has given up. I believe it after seeing her.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early to bed tonight!

I was up til 3 last night watching a movie with Chad. Wicked tired today. Movie was pretty good. (Outlander) Chad and Kelly were over for a visit and I used the BBQ for the first time on the new deck. We sat around outside on it for hours. I love it. I do need to add one board though. On the one side you can see the ends of all the 2x4s. I can cover it up easy enough. I even have extra lumber I could do it with. I'll see how it looks with that before I get any more wood.

I am going to do some measurements and math over the next couple days for a railing on the front porch. I need to talk to Home Hardware too about brackets or mounts for the ends. I am not the most accurate carpenter so being able to put it in a bracket instead of having to cut to the EXACT length would be great. Need to determine the spacing the ballisters. Don't want any heads getting stuck. Should give me something to do Wednesday and Friday. If I'm not helping Joe with the roof over the backroom. Busy busy me!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deck done.

I finished building the deck this morning. Looks good. Now for a few days of no rain so I can stain it. Need to be dry for like 48 hours, and not get rained on for 24 hours after. I was enjoying a beer (Golden Pheasant, Hurbanovo Brewery, Hurbanovo, Slovakia. Awesome.) on it, but it started to rain. Big surprise there, I'm on holidays.

We went over to the Forestell's last night for a swim/playdate/BBQ. We all had a lot of fun. It was really nice to visit with other parents with kids about the same age that "get it". We had the same issues with the kids, the same struggles with balancing kids and housework and all that. It was great. Great. Great!

And since it's pouring rain out, I will do a bunch of laundry and maybe dishes. I should eat lunch too. I skipped breakfast. Bad me. I am pretty tired and sore so I think I may veg for a bit. Girls have swimming lessons at 4 but I don't know if it's gonna happen. Rain. I dare not close my eyes. I won't wake up in time to pick them up.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The rest of the week in review

Tuesday: Just hung around in the gloomy weather until swimming lessons at 3. then more hanging around.

Wednesday: Canada Day!! Went to the festivities in Bath and had supper with the 'rents. It turned out to be a very nice day. Happy for that.

Thursday: More gloominess. More swimming lessons.

Friday: Went to Kingston to see about getting Becky's laptop keyboard fixed. Had a picnic at a park. Becky and I watched the movie Sex Drive. (comedy not porno)

Saturday: Wood for deck delivered. Becky left for Ottawa for Dana's stagette. Demo of old deck started. Open well under old deck. Left it covered until I am ready to cover it with new deck. Went to Jess's so the girls could play with Hope. Watched TV alone after the girls went to bed.