Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Rant

now, I celebrate christian holidays. i appreciate the plant shutdown over
Christmas. but it is kind of disturbing that such a big deal is made over 1
religion's special days. What about Hanukkah? or Kwanzaa? or Ramadan? Are
the people who belief in those faiths allowed to take a week off (or
month)? not here.
If I were a Muslim, Christmas means nothing to me. I would want to work
over Christmas have time off at Ramadan. or if I were a Jew and do not
believe that Jesus was the saviour, I would want to work over Christmas and
have Hanukkah off.
But our western society is dominated by christians. so our whole society is
based around christianity. God keep our land....In God we,easter...
.stores closed on Sunday for the sabbath, etc.
Maybe it's time that society starts to recognize that we are multi-cultural
and a multi-religious society and go outside the box.
A Muslim friend of mine had to turn down a job once because they wouldn't
allow him time for his prayers. sad.
It will probably never happen that all faiths and beliefs are recognized
and given equal treatment. What is more likely is that religion period is
suppressed and all holidays and the like are purely non-denominational. Even
now it's politically incorrect to even say Merry Christmas. It has to be
Happy Holidays. that's just a band-aid, because it's not even a holiday for
many of the people they are trying to please by not saying Merry Christmas.
Maybe I am just more tolerant than most. even tolerance isn't the right term. Acceptance is more accurate.
Although, I have placed my faith in the one true religion of the universe.
The Force.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Peaceful Ramadan, and May
The Force Be With You!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

eyes still bloodshot

I can feel it.
I shouldn't complain too loudly. Becky always is the one up half the night with Amelia. Usually when Amelia is fussy, I have to work the next day or am at work, so Becky does it.
When I don't have to work she is usually sleeping all night. Funny how that works.
Becky was "off" last night to I took the shift. Amelia wasn't TOO bad. up at like 1-something and then again at 330.
Grace was a different story. I had to get up twice because she was crying in her bed. Like scream cry. She said her foot hurt. She gets foot cramps. Usually she is still asleep and it takes a while to calm her down.
Parenthood. Gotta love it.

We got new cell phones yesterday. Family plan type deal. Becky got a small Blackberry and I got a phone too (don't ask me what the name is). It's gonna cost us a little more but I am going to slash the services on the home phone to make up for it. We never use them all anyway. I am gonna look into the long distance too.
I posted my cell # on my Facebook page (only friends can see it).
oh yeah, both phones have mp3. yeah baby! too bad Becky got me a new mp3 player for my birthday!! now I have 3 essentially. Maybe I could give one to Jessie.

Amelia needs her daddy. Later!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I don't believe there is a word for the kind of tired I am.
Amelia is teething (we think) and she has a cold. Therefore she isn't sleeping.
Becky put in a valiant effort until 2am at which point she was likely to spontaneously combust.
I took over because I wasn't sleeping anyway.
She played on the floor a bit then I tried to get to fall asleep in her chair to no avail. So onto my lap she want. She was very very tired by this point and just needed to give up. So when she threw herself back and laid on my legs with her head upside down off my knees (and was quiet) I went with it. I put my legs up so all the blood wouldn't rush to her head and she fell asleep just like that.
I managed to get her in her crib without a fight.
I hit the snooze from 5 to 530.
I need to make my lunch and shovel a little bit before I leave for work. This is gonna be fun.

Currently Listening to: Printemps Emeraude from the album Souvenirs D-un Autre Monde by Alcest

Friday, December 7, 2007

I did it!

I beat Guitar Hero 3 on medium on Wednesday. It took at while and some luck I am sure.
The battle against Lou was crazy!!
I guess I move on to hard. really hard.

Heading in for a weekend of nights. great. I am trying to get some OT in before christmas. I kinda need two. Either way I slice it, I end up working 7 straight. oi!
We'll see.
At least I'm in the lab from the 13th on.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


so here i sit in my plaid jammie pants and an oversized hoody. comfy.
glad to not have to work today.
it's going to be busy for me starting next week. I'd like to get 2 OT in so i have a good pay for the boxing week sales. but I have a shift trade the 16th and if I want to get an OT in that week it would put me at 7 days in a row right before Christmas. I don't think I can do that.
If I can get 2 in next week it should make up for it. I also got 2 Double-time OT over the break. It's all good.
For now, I am chillin'.
But I have lots of work to do. christmas lights up, finish shovelling, bit of cleanup outside, bathe the dog, and laundry.
I wish I got paid to do that work!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Good thing the Christmas Parade goes right by our house because I don't know if I'm gonna stand out in the cold to watch it!

We'll have hot chocolate!!