Wednesday, July 28, 2010



We finally sold our house! 6 months of patience, stress and hard work has paid off!

It's been very frustrating. Since we listed back in January, we've seen dozens of houses in the Napanee area get listed and sell in far less time. Some were sold before the sign even went on the lawn! Meanwhile we worked hard to make our house as appealing as we could. Without sacrificing our own comfort and convenience. We waited as dozens and dozens of people looked through the house (over 50 I'm sure) and no one made an offer. Your house is an extention of yourself and it kinda hurt to think that no one else wanted it. It felt like failure. As difficult as it was, we tried to stay positive. We kept telling ourselves that the right people would come along. Eventually they did and we weren't going to let them get away.

As far as us finding a new house, that's been frustrating too. We put an offer on a house in January. Someone came in with cash and swiped it. As nice as it was, it would have been too small anyway. Then we had our eye on a place and would ahve put an offer on it had our house sold. Instead, some people who said our house didn't have anough yard went in with cash and swiped it from the people who had a conditional offer on it. It was heated by a wood furnace so maybe that wasn't the best.  Then we put an offer on another house that seemed near perfect. Again, someone came in with cash and swiped it. We still have a hard time finding fault with that house but there may have been a lack of water and apparently the neighbour has a dog that barks alot.

With each successive let down we have found better and better houses. So maybe our house hadn't sold yet because we hadn't found the right house for us. Which means that the right house is out there now.

Skip this if you don't like sports

Just because I think it might start a discussion (and I'm bored) I thought I'd talk about my favorite sports teams. By league. Yes, I'm that bored.


Chicago Blackhawks: My dad is a Maple Leafs fan so perhaps I was born one too. But my dad also bought me my first Blackhawks jersey. We got it at a yard sale for me to use as a practice jersey back in the mid-80's. One thing lead to another (Denis Savard, Chelios, Larmer, Belfour, Roenick etc) and the Blackhawks became my team. It might even have been fate. Bobby Orr announced his retirement on the very day that I was born. As a Blackhawk.

Chicago is the only team I really cheer for. But if I really had to choose some other teams they'd be the Minnesota Wild, Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers.


American League

Toronto Blue Jays: I've always been a Jays fan. Despite many terrible seasons. They are the "hometown team". No matter how bad they get, they'll always be my favourite.

Cleveland Indians: As if the Jays weren't bad enough. I've been a fan for a long time. From back when Albert Belle and Man-Ram patrolled the OF. I bought a pair of red and blue batting gloves about 15 years ago because they matched the ones the Indians wore. I still wear them today.

I also have soft spots for Minnesota (Morneau!), Oakland Athletics and Josh Hamilton is making me into a Rangers fan.

National League

Philadelphia Phillies: This is not a jump on the bandwagon. I've like them, at least a little, for a long time. John Kruk had a lot to do with that. Over the years they have developed and brought in players to assemble a great team. Probably the best infield in the league, a great outfield and the league's best pitcher in Roy Halladay. What's not to love?!

I'm also a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, New York Mets and (not as much as I used to be) Arizona Diamondbacks.



Philadelphia Eagles: I've been an Eagles fan since Randall Cunningham was QB. He was awesome. The Eagles seem like a team that is destined NOT to win. They look like they are going all the way but never bring home the prize.  They are my team anyway. They'll win the Super Bowl eventually. Look how long I had to wait for the Blackhawks!

I also like the New Orleans Saints (not a bandwagon jumper. When I was a kid I thought their uniforms were awesome.), Minnesota Vikings and to a lesser extent the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers.


San Diego Chargers: A lot of my choices are based on how much I liked their uniforms as a kid. When I was 11 I thought lightning bolts were so cool! So I've been a fan ever since. Drew Brees and LT helped with that too. I like Philip Rivers too.

I also like the Cinncinati Bengals and New York Jets.


Edmonton Eskimos: Shortly after I started watching the CFL and decided I liked the Eskies, I found out that my step-dad was buddies with the Eskimo's Leroy Blough.  He even came by the house a few times. They are pretty bad this year but that's no reason to bail on the team.

I don't mind the BC Lions. Partly because I went to elementary and high school with Brent Johnson. We even rode the same bus for a while.


Toronto FC: I don't watch soccer that much but TFC is the only team I care about. I don't follow any of the European leagues.


I don't mind playing basketball but I can't watch it. No interest what so ever. I do like Steve Nash though.


Well, that burned some time. And now you know what teams I like when you want to buy me something for Christmas or my birthday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well that's disappointing.

During the 2009 season the Arizona Diamondbacks hired A.J. Hinch to be their new Manager. I followed his career as a catcher and thought it was really cool when he was hired. Eventhough we aren't related I still felt a little pride when I heard the name on TV or read it in the paper/online. I meant to write him a letter to congratulate him and wish him success but I never got around to it. And now it's too late.

A couple weeks ago, Manager A.J. Hinch the club's GM were both fired. Honestly, I'm surprised it took this long. At the halfway point of the season their winning percentage is just .392  They play in what could be considered the weakest Division in the NL and they are dead last. At least Baltimore and Pittsburgh are worse. They have some decent offensive pop (Reynolds, Johnson, Upton) but their pitching is stinkin' up the joint. I am struggling to name a starter other than Dan Haren and the bullpen is so bad I forget their names on purpose.

I would put their bad season on the GM's head before Hinch's but in the world of sports, you can only be so bad for so long before the coach/manager gets axed. I don't think a healthy Brandon Webb would have saved these guys. And if he was, I doubt he'd be a D'back past the trade deadline.

So I'm disappointed the I won't be hearing my last name on Sportsentre or in the papers but I don't think he's done. The Blue Jays will be looking for a manager after this season. I am getting the feeling I already posted this post. I found it in my Drafts folder and couldn't remember if I finished it or not. Huh.

Arizona has hired Kirk Gibson and their new Manager. Gibson enjoyed much more success as a player than Hinch but it remains to be seen if that will translate to success as a Manager. For Arizona's sake, I hope it does because every team deserves to be a winner.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Former NHL enforcer Probert dead at 45

Former NHL enforcer Probert dead at 45

Wicked sad. Probert was one of my fave Blackhawks!! I am not a big supporter of fighting in hockey but Probert was the man! (Well, not a big fan of the way fighting is promoted by the NHL)