Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know what bugs me/I'm bored

I hate just about every motorist except myself. Why? Some go too slow. Like the idiot the other day going 60 on Hwy 2. In a 4x4. The roads were wet, sure, but there was no snow on 'em! It wasn't windy and it did not appear that anything was wrong with this truck. And the Caprice and the Tracker behind him had no designs on passing either. It's an all-together too familiar scene on today's roads. People driving too slow for the safety of everyone else. It causes accidents. It causes road rage (in me). "It's a maximum, not a minimum." True, but have some sense already! It's those same people who (in inclement weather) are driving says 20km slower than posted in the 80 zone, then when it changes to 60, slow down to 40. (I'm getting deja vu, Have I blogged about this before?) Wait a minute! 60 was just fine back there!! Are you going to slow down to 30 when we get into town!!

some drive to fast. I live 2 blocks from a high school and 1 block from a public school and there is no stop sign on my corner. Kids from the high school FLY down my street. Of the 3 intersections between the 2 major streets on my street, mine is the only one without a stop sign. And then there's the idiots from down the other street that zip up and down the street on their ATVs and Ski-doos with complete disregard for the N/S stop signs that are there.

I talk on my cell phone while driving sometimes. Not all the time. Ask anyone who has talked to me while I was driving and they wil tell you I am paying more attention to the road. "Sorry, what?" But it's not even the people on their cell not paying attention that drive me nuts. It's those who are talking to a passenger!! I know it's polite to look at someone when you are talking to them but, you are driving!!! I think they will understand if you watch the road.

Then there is the people who just plain suck at driving. Like stradling the lines, stopping where there is no stop sign, and vice versa, I saw 3 people in the last week alone blatantly run red lights. I think there needs to be a national program put in place to teach people the rules to who has the right of way (me. haha)

Anyway, I'm pretty much just ranting and probably coming off as a jerk. I never said I was perfect (I almost failed my G road test) but this isn't about me, it's about you. I mean them. Them. You're cool cuz you're reading this. And I love my readers.

See you on the road!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just because

Since I haven't blogged since last week I thought I should. Let's see. I picked up my new safety glasses this morning. They are those fancy brown and orange ones. I am wearing them at home right now. Just to get used to them. I was going to go to Kingston today to pick up my new safety boots but the copious amounts of snow have prevented me. Don't need them that bad. I could go Thursday or Friday.
I watched Mary Poppins for the first time ever this morning.
I am almost done compiling my list of the Top Albums of 2008. But them I have to put them in order and write a little blurb. I am so behind on listening to stuff from this year!
I got a new tattoo last Friday. it's awesome. It's a Tree of Life with my girls' initials around it.

I got it done at Skin Graffix in Belleville by Ken. He's great.

That's pretty much it. well, I went to a concert right after getting the tattoo. No-one you would know (Rozea Haven, Titan and Fuck The Facts) It was awesome. The word awesome is awesome.
I just might give myself a haircut this afternoon. It's a wee but shaggy. I though about letting it grow out but it's too much of a bother. Plus, the shorter the hair, the less grey you see.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a wee bit excited.

At 6pm today, I shall converge upon Skin Graffix in Belleville to get my latest and greatest tattoo!! On the back of my left calf I am getting a Celtic style Tree of Life. Outside of the main tattoo, in the top "corners", I'll have the girls' initials. G on the left, A on the right. I was going to get them in the dead spaces on either side of the trunk, but just in case Becky and I go certifiably insane, and decide (?) to have another child ( I will jump out a window if it was twins) I wanted to be able to incorporate any more initials without it looking like an afterthought. I would put a third initial at the bottom-center. So the three would frame it like the points of a triangle. Or if we never have any more kids, I could put and M and  a B or the word Hinch or something on the bottom if I wanted.

At 9 tonight, I will find myself at the Autonomous Social Centre in Kingston. There, I will have my ears assaulted by the metal stylings of Kingston's Rozea Haven, Toronto's Titan and Ottawa's F*ck the Facts. The ACS is just a house, so you know it's going to be Intimate. I'll have a still bleeding tattoo, so the mosh pit will not be my mistress this night. I wam going to try and bring my (shitty) camera and maybe snap a few pics. I am not going to risk one of the good cameras in such a small venue. I will have to FIND the old shitty camera first.

I won't be home til after 1130 at least and then I have to come into work on a shift trade Saturday morning. I'll be plenty tired, but I shouldn't be bruised.

So yeah, I'm excited. A new tattoo and a concert all in the same day. Lucky me!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amelia's funny sometimes

Amelia's first "real" exposure to hockey was the Winter Classic on New Year's Day (She is usually in bed before any games start). She looked at the screen and asked me what it was. I told her it was hockey. And now she is pretty much obsessed. Everytime she sees hockey on the tv, "Pockey! Pockey!" (sometimes she says hockey) But when football is on, it's "pockey!" So she hasn't really differentiated the two sports yet. But she isn't even 2 yet so I can understand if she just sees is grown men in shoulder pads and helmets playing a sport on a big rectangularish area.

The really cool thing is, she specifically associates hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks!! She'll see my toque and says hockey. She will see my hat and say hockey. She saw my jersey and said hockey. So to her, hockey IS the Blackhawks. Same with me. Well, it looks like I'm doing something right!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What the crap!!!

Something is wrong with my eyelash. It's like I have a hair hanging behind my glasses or something. But there is nothing there. I rub at it and it doesn't go away!! SO annoying. Anyway, I am gonna find a movie on my hard drive to burn and watch. I'll let you know how it goes. And if I am able to pluck out all my eyelashes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Diagnosis

Amelia has strep throat and an ear infection. And I forgot to call Zena last night to tell her. Oops!
She seems to be doing much better today. Still not 100% by any means but she slept last night which was pretty awesome.
I should be doing some cleaning and stuff but I have a killer headache and I am pretty tired. That's life I guess.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That was better?

I was able to sleep yesterday from 930 to 3. I needed it. Becky took Amelia up to the hospital and they were dicks. Test results tomorrow. She didn't really sleep well last night but I think she is over tired now. She slept on my chest, on the couch, from 1230 to 430 and 730-830 last night/this morning. Becky got some good solid sleep last night so I hope tonight can be my turn. lol

Joe fixed the roof on Sunday. A piece of steel lifted during the wind last week. He says we're gonna need a new roof within a year. I', not surprised. It hasn't been done in at LEAST 43 years. Steel is good that way. Don't know whether to go steel again (we love it!) or go with 30-year shingles. It will call come down to price.

Who wants to come clean my house? The sickies have held us back a bit. lol

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is this thing called "sleep"?

Here's how the whole sleep thing as gone down since Friday.
I have slept: Friday from 130-4pm. Saturday from 1145am-6pm and Sunday from 1215pm-5pm. So let's see, since 6am Friday morning, til
now, (510am Monday) which is almost 72 hours, I have slept a total of 13.5 hours. And I think I've got the better end of this deal.
Becky slept (and I use that term lightly) til like 9am friday, From 8isham til 1130am Saturday, and sunday from 730amish til 12pm. so
that's only 12 hours. She might have grabbed some sleep during the nights to bump her up over my 13.5 hours but it's hard to tell.
It's close. In any case, we are both exhausted. We should have had like 24 hours sleep by now. and when we are sleeping, it's not
quality. Sleeping in the day time is not quality sleep. Especially when the girls are noisy. And I am somewhat accustomed to being up
all night because of the shift work but Becky isn't. I can't imagine how she feels if I feel this bad.
I don't know how Amelia is still functioning. She has Becky up all night and then only naps for a couple hours. I really hope she
starts feeling better soon. Like REAL soon. It's one thing when it's the weekend and only one of us is working. But Becky has to go to
work at noon today. So if Amelia doesn't go to the sitter's (which she shouldn't if she is sick)then I will be staying up with her and
getting NO sleep today. Unless she lays down for a nap and I can grab a couple hours before Grace gets home from school. Only getting
a couple hours may just make me feel worse though. I will take any sleep I can get. I hope this fever of Amelia's has broken. Should
call the doctor anyway but there isn't much he can do if it's a virus. Nobody said parenting was going to be easy!!!
Wish us luck.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some New Year's Resolutions

1. Yell less. At people.
2. Scream more. To nobody. (or to a microphone)
3. Stop being such a grumpy SOB. Even if I have to fake it.
4. Start playing bass again.
5. Get more tattoos.
6. Visit Todd and Adele and Jessalyn.
7. Drink less.
8. Lose some weight.
9. Somehow get rid of all my aches and pains. (shoulders!)
10. Make the lives of people around me even better.