Saturday, October 30, 2010

New house

So we are in our new house now and it is great. The view is amazing. Sunrise is a treat every morning.
The dogs have room to run outside and when we bring them on, they are tired and "cuddle" with us.
The girls are sharing a room. We thought it would be a struggle but they do better together than they did apart!
There is a different energy here. A better energy. We are more of a family now. It's hard to explain.
We still have some adjusting to do (earlier bus) but we are doing well. We also have lots to unpack yet but we have time yet.
All around is pasture. We often have staring contests with the cattle. And almost everyday we hear the coyotes. Haven't seem them yet.
I'm looking forward to using the woodstove. I have to clean the chimney first. And get an ash bucket. And a better axe.
And I should go.

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