Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's been awhile

We got a new car. My old van finally bit the dust. It was 16 years old. It had 365,000 kms on it. It didn't owe anybody anything. When the water pump went I decided that was enough. We had planned on replacing it before the new baby came anyway so I wasn't going to bother putting much money into it.
We ended up getting a Ford Freestyle. We really like it. Lots of seats, lots of cupholders. It sits high too. We like that.
For the company Christmas party I won a limo ride to and from the party. It was pretty cool. It also meant we got to choose our table at the party and we were first called to the buffet. It was a white limo too which was neat. It matched the snow. We drank a bottle of rum on the way to the party so most of us were good to go! I don't think any of us had riden in a limo before. Now we have.  The roads were pretty bad that night so I was just happy to have somebody else do the driving. I ended up winning a door prize too. And the centrepiece. Lucky night! I should keep that horseshoe for next year.
First Christmas at the new house is getting close! Stoked!

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