Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Movember

This is not a personal attack and I mean no offence to my friends that are participating but: FUCK MOVEMBER. I totally understand that men's health needs more attention but this whole moustache thing is just stupid. I do the Relay For Life every year. I walk all fucking night. It is a physical sacrifice. I am in pain. I suffer in place of those I am raising money for. I know cancer charities are inefficient and beaten to death (pardon the pun). But what I am trying to say is, growing a moustache for a month is actually LESS effort than a regular day demands. There's no real sacrifice. No symbolic exchange of suffering. Again, no offence to my friends but it seems that as soon as something easy (rewarding laziness) comes around that makes people feel like that they are to be patted on the back for making a difference, everyone and their dog is all over it. I'd say almost 1 in 3 guys I know has a November Mo where barely anyone is around to support the myriad of other charities the other 11 months of the year.
I will say this; at least Movember requires participation. That's better than the charities that just stand there with their hand out. Or the ones that prey on people's greed and gullability to sell tickets. (Guilty! Come ooooooon Lotto! ) I don't know a better way to promote men's health but there has to be something that requires a little more effort. For instance, my cousin is collecting pledges to determine how many (of an INSANE AMOUNT) of situps she will do in a 24 hour period. Like 100/hour or something.
I'm still going to make a donation to the Movember campaign but it will be because it is important, not because of moustaches.
I got it! Help Prevent Colon Cancer: Go Vegan for a month!

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