Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 New Year's Goals

I've never really liked the "resolutions" tag. I prefer to use goals. It sounds better. So, in addition to the 2011 goals that I didn't exactly meet, I've added a few more.
Get in better shape: We have a treadmill and a weight bench now. I just need to make the time to use them. That's the hard part. The weight lifting and running is the easy part. And when the weather is nice, ride my bike!
Be more environmentally conscious: I already am a tree hugger and recycling freak but I can do more. I need to be more diligent. Sometimes I can get lazy and toss something that could go in the recycle just because I am tired or in a hurry. Especially with paper. Along with this, I need to continue to follow my guidelines for fuel efficient driving. Maybe even be better at that too. I also need to get my ebike fixed. Scoot! I'd like to burn more wood this year too. Not that I want to cut down trees but it's better than burning oil. It's renewable!
Expand my gardens: I had one 4x8 raised bed last year and it worked out great. I plan to put in 3 more this spring. VEGGIES!! And I plan to get some more trees. Hopefully some fruit ones.

Get new glasses and orthotics: I was due for both last year but just never got around to it. I really need to. My eyes and feet (and whole body) will thank me. Anyone have like $800 they want to lend me? You'll get it right back.

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