Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I mean Seriously

It's January. I am looking the temperature on my Weather Network thingy and it says 14. +14. Celsius. WTF!!!?
Spring already? Good thing I didn't go out and buy that snowmachine!! I like winter. yes, shovelling is a pain but I like it when it's chilly out. Spring is my LEAST favourite season. Oh but the leaves are back on the trees and the flowers are coming out, yeah but, everything is mud!! all the crap that got hidden by snow is there. garbage, the leaves that never got picked up in the fall and most especially dogshit. Both where it should be and were it should not. It's one thing picking up my own dog's shit, but when passersby let their dogs poo on my lawn because it sinks in the snow, or the snow will cover it up, I get mad. I feel bad when my dog urinates on someone's lawn.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic. It's too warm for January. I barely got to wear my winter coat. Good thing it was free. I did get new winter boots though. only $40 so I guess that's not back seeing as they will last a long time I think.

I gotta go get some gas for the lawnmower, see ya!!

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