Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rough night

Grace threw up in her bed at 2 am. had to have a bath. change sheets. Then she was all clingy to becky. I know Becky was in her bed for a time but I don't know how long or how much Becky actually slept.
We didn't go to bed til 130 (Guitar Hero) and I had fallen asleep but Becky was still reading. So really she didn't get to bed til after 230 at least.
Then Grace wet her bed this morning. SHe hasn't done that in ages.
I had her chillin' in her toyroom and she called for me. She had to puke again. she was in the prone position in the hall. She points to the floor and she had like drooled or spit or something. Then she heaved once so I hauled into the bathroom and she threw up again. carpet is fine.
The girls were supposed to spend the afternoon at the grandparents so Becky and I could run some errands in Kingston without hassle, but that's not happening. I have to go get new boots for work and maybe a sway bar for the van but that's it. Going alone.
Hope Grace feels better soon.

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