Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny Story

Becky and I were at a wedding recently. Friends of ours were also there. Him and Her. (names have been changed to protect the embarrased.) After dinner I went out to the car to get Becky's sweater. During this time the caterers came and asked what we wanted for dessert. When I got back desserts where being eaten. Pumpkin pie!! Yeehaw!!! Then, when the caterer came back around to collect the plates,  she asked Her how many months along she was. Her thought it was an odd question coming from a total stranger that she hadn't spoken to that night. Her replied anyway stating however many months she is. (again, protecting the embarrased) And added, "How did you know I was pregnant?" The caterer said it was because she ordered 2 desserts. Her took it in stride and laughed. The caterer went on her way. Here's where we started laughing. The thing is, Her didn't order 2 desserts. Becky did! And Becky's not pregant! She ordered one for me! Can you imagine if she had asked Becky how many months she was! The caterer (somehow, Hello! Becky has PINK in her hair! and glasses. Her doesn't) got them mixed up and Her just happened to be pregnant! C'est drole, non?

It would have been very interesting to see how quickly the caterer back pedalled if she had asked Becky. But, knowing Becky she probably would have just rolled with it, gave her a month and waited til she left before "What the hell!?" She's polite like that.

I should have chosen a different moniker for Her. It makes the sentences sound weird. But it reminds me of how Grace used to talk and how Amelia talks now. So I'm not changing it.

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