Friday, October 30, 2009

Public Washrooms

I hate public washrooms. For a number of reasons.

a) Urinals. Most bathrooms don't have any sort of partition between urinals. Urination is a private thing for me. I don't want somebody advertently or inadvertently looking at my piece. I don't even want to mention splashback. Oops. I did.

b) Hygiene. Knowing that strangers have been in and out of that bathroom all day with their hands around their nether regions and then touching all the things I need to touch, is very unappealing.

c) Lack of sound proofing. I don't get disgusted by much. What I do get disgusted by is hearing other people poop.

d) The TP. To Whom It May Concern: You do realize that when it is 1-ply, people just use twice as much, don't you? So, do the right thing and put 2-ply in there.


lizzie e said...

just wanna let you know i love your blogs!!!!

MetalMatt Hinch said...