Friday, March 12, 2010

What's up, Pussycat?

Well, we still haven't sold our house. We were pretty optimistic to start, then we got pessimistic. Fast. With an increasing number of showings, we are getting some of that optimism back. But, with no offers being tabled, I worry. Why isn't it selling? Is there something very wrong with it? Is there something about the house that is turning people away that I am unable/unwilling to remedy? Is it unsellable?  These are the things I worry about. They don't keep me up at night though. Nothing keeps me up at night.

We had a "pro" come and stage our house. It looks great. I cleaned up the dog kennel. It looks (and smells) much better. We started putting out ourdoor furniture. Yesterday we started attacking the gardens and taking out all the leaves. The plants are starting to come up so we want to be able to see them! The gardens will be worked on some more this weekend. But already the outside is looking better. Some people have said "I bet you are falling in love with the house all over again, eh?" No. LMAO. We've never not liked the house. It's more (lack of) yard and the location. It's in a good location if you want to be in town, but we don't. We want to be in the country.

We have another showing tomorrow. We had one a couple days ago. Let's hope someone likes it enough to buy it soon. This whole things is stressin' me out and I'd prefer if it was done with. And by done with, I mean us in our new house.

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