Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Hunt Continues....

So Becky went and looked at 4 houses yesterday. All 4 were a no-go.

1. Our agents listing. We knew we wouldn't like it but she went through kind of to please the agent. More or less. She said it was weird, had electric baseboard heat, smaller lot than we want and it was a bungalow.

2. Another of his. Why he took her throught it I don't know. "I just want you to see what a modular home looks like". Why would we want to! Needless to say, it was uselessly tiny.

3. On 6 acres, barn, garage, overlooking the river, very nicely landscaped. Baseboard heat, shitass kitchen, obvious water damage in basement, in need of a new roof.

4. This one had promise. 3 beds + 2 bed apartment with access. Very large, very nice. Very windy location, very hard water, (like damaged the plumbing hard), and foundation damage.

tomorrow we are going to look at the most promising house yet. We said way back that if we could just move our house out of town, we would. This looks like the next best thing. Old Victorian centre-hall plan. Pretty much what we have now but on 2 acres, out of town. With a new roof, windows and wiring. And a granny suite. It needs updating (wallpaper!!) but that's no big thing.

The most important thing is that we sell our house. We can't own two. ASAP would be great. This may sound like hokum but, Becky and I think that there is some sort of force/spirit/entity/energy in the house that doesn't like us. Amelia has seen a "bad man" in her room. Becky has seen strange shadows. There has been times when I was in the shower and I swore I could hear voices and knew there was nobody home. I feel that whatever it is, it drains our energy. At our old house, I used to run everyday, ride my bike to work, walk into town, play outside with Grace, stay up late(r) and be wide awake in the morning. When we moved, I stopped running, I rode my bike to work less and less frequently (not at ALL last year), I have no energy to play with the girls, I'm tired all day, I can sleep 10 hours and still be wiped. I've been to the doctor and the sleep clinic and there is nothing physically to explain it. Becky is constantly tired no matter how much sleep she gets. Her B12 shots work for shorter and shorter durations. Grace looks like a zombie half the time. Amelia has never slept well. And now that she can talk, she still can't explain. It's always "something". Grace is never content to stay at home. We always have to go somewhere. Amelia never wants to come home when we are out. Something just doesn't add up here. Home should be the place you want to be. A place to rest, relax, recharge. Not so. We never feel rested. We never feel recharged. Something is not right. We need to get out.

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