Friday, December 14, 2007


I don't believe there is a word for the kind of tired I am.
Amelia is teething (we think) and she has a cold. Therefore she isn't sleeping.
Becky put in a valiant effort until 2am at which point she was likely to spontaneously combust.
I took over because I wasn't sleeping anyway.
She played on the floor a bit then I tried to get to fall asleep in her chair to no avail. So onto my lap she want. She was very very tired by this point and just needed to give up. So when she threw herself back and laid on my legs with her head upside down off my knees (and was quiet) I went with it. I put my legs up so all the blood wouldn't rush to her head and she fell asleep just like that.
I managed to get her in her crib without a fight.
I hit the snooze from 5 to 530.
I need to make my lunch and shovel a little bit before I leave for work. This is gonna be fun.

Currently Listening to: Printemps Emeraude from the album Souvenirs D-un Autre Monde by Alcest

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