Saturday, December 15, 2007

eyes still bloodshot

I can feel it.
I shouldn't complain too loudly. Becky always is the one up half the night with Amelia. Usually when Amelia is fussy, I have to work the next day or am at work, so Becky does it.
When I don't have to work she is usually sleeping all night. Funny how that works.
Becky was "off" last night to I took the shift. Amelia wasn't TOO bad. up at like 1-something and then again at 330.
Grace was a different story. I had to get up twice because she was crying in her bed. Like scream cry. She said her foot hurt. She gets foot cramps. Usually she is still asleep and it takes a while to calm her down.
Parenthood. Gotta love it.

We got new cell phones yesterday. Family plan type deal. Becky got a small Blackberry and I got a phone too (don't ask me what the name is). It's gonna cost us a little more but I am going to slash the services on the home phone to make up for it. We never use them all anyway. I am gonna look into the long distance too.
I posted my cell # on my Facebook page (only friends can see it).
oh yeah, both phones have mp3. yeah baby! too bad Becky got me a new mp3 player for my birthday!! now I have 3 essentially. Maybe I could give one to Jessie.

Amelia needs her daddy. Later!

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