Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Rant

now, I celebrate christian holidays. i appreciate the plant shutdown over
Christmas. but it is kind of disturbing that such a big deal is made over 1
religion's special days. What about Hanukkah? or Kwanzaa? or Ramadan? Are
the people who belief in those faiths allowed to take a week off (or
month)? not here.
If I were a Muslim, Christmas means nothing to me. I would want to work
over Christmas have time off at Ramadan. or if I were a Jew and do not
believe that Jesus was the saviour, I would want to work over Christmas and
have Hanukkah off.
But our western society is dominated by christians. so our whole society is
based around christianity. God keep our land....In God we,easter...
.stores closed on Sunday for the sabbath, etc.
Maybe it's time that society starts to recognize that we are multi-cultural
and a multi-religious society and go outside the box.
A Muslim friend of mine had to turn down a job once because they wouldn't
allow him time for his prayers. sad.
It will probably never happen that all faiths and beliefs are recognized
and given equal treatment. What is more likely is that religion period is
suppressed and all holidays and the like are purely non-denominational. Even
now it's politically incorrect to even say Merry Christmas. It has to be
Happy Holidays. that's just a band-aid, because it's not even a holiday for
many of the people they are trying to please by not saying Merry Christmas.
Maybe I am just more tolerant than most. even tolerance isn't the right term. Acceptance is more accurate.
Although, I have placed my faith in the one true religion of the universe.
The Force.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Peaceful Ramadan, and May
The Force Be With You!

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