Monday, May 19, 2008

Mytrle Beach Trip overview

Alright, this is gonna be tricky.
We left early Friday morning. 530ish. Stopped to gas up and get some coffee and timbits.
Amelia pooped so bad just before the border, we had to throw her jammies out.
Drive was good. We all hit the border at the same time but almost immediately after that we got separated. That happened all week.
The mountains were great.
Amelia had runny poops all the way down. One time, she was just wearing a diaper shirt and it leaked out all over her legs and the car seat (luckily we had a liner on it) and she proceeded to play with it. Yuck. It was everywhere.
We stopped for lunch at TGI Fridays in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our GPS only has major US roads on it so we had a heck of a time finding it. We also found out that most of Scranton is not mapped on our GPS either.
Hit rush hour traffic in the Washington area. (the poop playing was in that area) 2 hours of crawl.
Stayed over in Midlothian, VA.
Hit the road again on Saturday.
Programmed the GPS for MYRTLE Beach not NORTH Myrtle Beach (same addresses in both areas and we end up at the wrong one) and end up getting there hours after everyone else. We would have been later anyway (more stops) but that little error cost us about and hour and a half.
No matter, all the grocery shopping was done by the time we got there!!
So we hung out the rest of Saturday at the beach and at the beach house. Played a little pool and watched the hockey game.
Sunday we relaxed some more. Bit of shopping but mostly beach, pool and hot tub.
Monday, I picked shells before golf at Eagle Nest. That afternoon we went shopping. more beach, pool and hot tub.
Tuesday, golf at Meadowlands. More shopping. Dinner at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede!! Like Medieval Times but a Civil War theme.

Wednesday, golf at Brunswick Plantation. Afternoon at Ripley's Aquarium and dinner at Captain George's Seafood Buffet. I tried some seafood. Didn't fall in love with it. I did love the clam chowder though!
Thursday, golf at Possum Trot. Afternoon at the Nascar Speedpark. Go-kart fun! Grace loved it! Then Becky and went to dinner alone at Ruby Tuesday's. then to a great book store.
Friday the women went to a big plantation and left all the kids with the men. We did okay. Went to the beach and then hung out at the pool for the day. We had to make a beer run in the afternoon. hahah Papa John's Pizza for supper.

Out the door and on the road for 7 Saturday morning. Krispy Kremes for breakfast! We took a longer route and west on I-64 across Virginia and that was a great drive. it added at least an hour to the drive but it was worth it. The Appalachians were incredible to drive through. Too bad I was the only one awake. then through West Virginia, Maryland, PA into New York and home.
No problems at the border. Thank god.

Overall, great trip. The girls had their moments, but it was tired and hungry and bored (the driving and shopping) stuff.
Would totally do it again.

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