Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You should see the other guy

I look like I got in a fight. I got hit by a baseball right in the eye Sunday night. It's not like a huge shiner, but it's bruised and my glasses broke the skin. Freak thing, not intentional, not even trying to make a play. Someone was just throwing in a ball that had gone foul and I caught it. In the face. I bent my glasses back in to shape and made a couple nice catches. It was time to get new glasses anyway, and now that Becky has a job (YAY!) we may be able to afford to wait the 2-3 weeks for the benefit check to come back.
I was going to ride my bike to work today but when I went to check the weather it was raining a bit. Crap.

Listening to: Heart vs. Spine by The Devil and the Sea

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