Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's not over yet!

The last week has been very busy. Runnin' around doing all the Christmas stuff and what not. I haven't shaved since Boxing Day. I got a real Ipod! Now I can look like all the cool kids.
Mom and Al flew back to Vancouver this morning. I hope they have a good flight.
The only dishes that aren't done are this morning's breakfast dishes. Oh, that makes me feel good. But then I look at the mountain of laundry and......
You can tell how hard I am working on that as I sit here blogging.
Guitar Hero: World Tour is out on PS2. 189 at walmart for the full kit. Oh, how tempting.
I got a sweet deal on some winter hikers last night. Regular 150, on clearance for 30!!! and they fit!!!
Amelia had me up at 315 last night. I put her back down at 4. Stared into the darkness til 430ish, on the computer til about 520, stared at the darkness til about 6 and finally fell back to sleep. Just one of those nights when the brain won't shut up.

Should make for an interesting day.

Taking down all the Christmas deco tomorrow. And hopefully getting the rest of the house back in order too.

Happy New Year!

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