Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is what I think about at 330am

I'm not anti-social really. It's close, but not really ANTI-social. I'm not
against being social. I just avoid it. At least in public. At home, shit,
I'll talk for hours with friends and stuff. But in public, I avoid people
like the plague. I just don't like talking to be people I don't know. And
often I don't want to talk to people I do know. For example: I use the
drive-thru, not for convenience, but so that I don't have to talk to anyone
in line. In a store, I will search for something for a half hour before I
ask for help. Or just give up. If I see someone I know in a store, I will
avoid them. Except for close friends. I avoid taking my kids to the park
because I don't want to talk to other parents.
I am sure there is a word for how I am but I don't know it.

By and large, people are stupid.

I judge people alot but I don't give a rat's ass what people think about

F*ckin' baseball players. Honesly, C.C., what the HELL are you going to do
with $20+ million PER YEAR? It would take me 400 years at my current pay to
make $20 million.400 years!!!Let's see, 162 games a season, pitch in (for
ths sake of the math) one out of every 5 games, so roughly 32 games. That's
about $625,000 per game. Per game. That's over 12 years of my salary.
Nobody is worth that much money. nobody. anywhere. for anything. And there
is no loyalty left in the game at all. It's all about money. No "I believe
in this team and I think we can build a contender." no no no! It's who's is
gonna give me the most money? That's why I hate the Yankees. With the money
they spend, they should win the World Series, hands down, every year. But
do they, no. All they do is drive up the price of mediocre players and put
elite players out of the reach of many teams. The Yankees pay a luxury tax
higher than the entire payroll of some teams! and does the luxury tax
really help the other teams? No. The shitty teams are still the shitty
teams. The exception would be Tampa Bay but they will never be able to
afford all that talent in few years. (a la Florida Marlins). But I still
love baseball!!!

My feet hurt, I think I pulled a muscle in my calf,my shoulders, knees,
elbows and back hurt. My eyelids hurt. My lips are chapped. My ears need to
be flushed. I didn't shower today. I need to brush my teeth. My hands are
dry and always dirty. I need to shave. This is a long post. Listen to me
whine!! LOL
If you haven't stopped reading this post by now, too bad, because I am done
writing it.

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