Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey! Did ya miss me?

I thought not.

what's new? well, last week Grace had the flu. Earlier this week, Becky and
Amelia had the flu. Later this week/weekend, I had the flu.
The dog and cat seem fine.
I might be getting the girls a fish tank for their birthdays. Or just
Grace, not sure yet. I miss having fish myself. Not sure whether to get
cold water or tropical. Tropical gives you so much more choice, but it's a
little tougher to maintain. I wouldn't be getting a big 65 gallon monster
tank like I used to have so either way would be okay.

At the end of the day, I am throwing out the shirt I am wearing.

I went for blood tests on Thursday to see why I am so tired all the time.
Everyone says it's shift work and kids, but I've been working shift and
have had kids long before I got his tired. I can and do, fall asleep at the
drop of a hat everyday. I'll fall asleep rocking Amelia at 7, and then
again laying with Grace for her affirmations at 730. Then I want to go
right to bed. The doctor said that in anything, given my circumstances, it
should be harder for me to fall asleep. So my "passing out" is not normal.
I really wonder what is up. I used to work OT like clockwork but I haven't
worked any in at least 7 months and I see no change. I haven't had a drink
(of alcohol) in almost a month, and no change. I thought the alcohol was
affectin my quality of sleep. And it's a depressant. but no change. I go
back on the 25th to see the results.

I can't wait to start riding my bicycle and/or our e-bike to work. There is
a plug right at the bike rack so I can plug the e-bike (electric scooter.
like a Vespa, not a mobility scooter. I'm not that old.) in when I get to
work. yee haw! I just hope when the MTO trial is over in October, they
don't make all the rules to be like a motorcycle. Insurance with an M1 is
As long as it's charged, I will ride it to work on night shifts, and day
shifts that Becky is not working. Or maybe just nights and weekends. not
sure yet.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It's kind of funny that I got an email about
a guy who had a arrow lodged in the back of his head. What the hell did he
say to Cupid?

I'm going to try and go Wednesday to pick out new glasses. I am so sick of
the ones I have now.


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