Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Glasses!

I don't have them yet but I ordered them yesterday. They are pretty sexy. LOL Very modern. Semi-rimless, silver, very rectangle. I can't wait!

Becky was trying on some Cocoons. They are these sunglasses that fit over your glasses. They fit right to your face and block all light (you know what I mean) from every angle. They also make you look like an old blind person. They would be good for fishing though! Becky opted to just in her old glasses and get them tinted. good move.

I'm done with winter. But it's been snowing for the last 15 hours, so I guess winter is not done with us.

I'm not drinking coffee anymore. Sometimes it makes me feel like shit, sometimes it gives me heartburn. Most of the time it makes me feel like shit. And it never seems to actually pep me up. So I am cutting it out. My teeth with thank me. I'll have less sugar in my diet. One less thing to rely on. Becky and I haven't had any pop in a couple weeks either. Well, maybe at McDonald's, but that's a treat. It's a hell of a lot better than the 3-4 cans a day each we were drinking before! I just hope these dietary changes (no alcohol, no coffee, less pop) yield some positive benefits.They should as long as I don't fill the void with chips and cookies. aaaahhhh, cookies.

We got a Brita pitcher so hopefully I will start drinking more water. I just need to get a new water bottle. the ones we had all smell like milk from sending milk to the sitter's with Amelia.I'd like to distance myself from bottled water altogether.

Sometime in the next few days I'm gonna look at my New Year's resolutions and see how I'm doing. Pretty good I think!

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