Thursday, June 10, 2010


I can't believe it! The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup. Their first since 1961!! My dad was 6! It's just incredible.  I've been a fan as long as I can remember and I have waited my whole life for this to happen. It was a super intense Game 6. I was on the edge of my seat the whole game. I couldn't relax! My heart was pumpin'! For the Chicago goals in regulation, I would just fist pump. The girls were sleeping and I didn't want to wake them up. When Philly scored, I'd curse and hang my head in my hands. But when Kane scored in OT, I was jumpin' up and down like crazy! I managed not to yell but OH MAN was I excited!! I still am!! It hasn't really sunk in yet that my all-time, all sport, favourite team has won the ultimate prize in sports. The Stanley Cup.

I've already started thinking about buying a Cup Champs hat as soon as possible. Of the framed prints of Toews with the Conn Smythe and the team shot with the Cup. Plus all the other Cup Champs stuff I'll buy. T-shirts, boxers, socks, etc

This is a great feeling. Hopefully they can keep enough of the team together to start a dynasty!!

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