Friday, June 25, 2010

Graduation Day!

Today was my daughter Grace's Kindergarden Graduation. Or is it -garten? Shows how much attention I was paying! The kids said a sentence that started with each letter of Kinderwhatever. Grace was the "E" was that's really the only one I heard. I'm awful. I know. Sue me. With the exception of a short nap, I had basically been up for over 26 hours. So you can cut me some slack.

It wasn't a big production. They did their little poem thing. Then they called them up one by one and handed out their diplomas. We clapped. Then we had fruit and juice and cake. We took some pictures and stuff. We took a picture of "The Crew" as we call them. Grace, Samantha, Pareza, Aliyah and Sierra. It was actually pretty cute. Them all together with their arms over their shoulders and stuff.

They weren't even planning on having a graduation. But enough of us parents said "Hey, our kids had to sit through it last year when they were juniors. They've been looking forward to this. If it's too much work, us parents will prepare everything. You just show up." And basically that's what happened. It's only Kindergarten but it's important to the kids. They all looked so proud and so did their families. I'm so proud of my little girl. Go Grace!

Today was also my sister's graduation from her PSW course. I was unable to attend because of work. She's made some unwise decisions and faced some adversity in her life but instead of giving up and taking the easy road, she went back to school and has become someone she can be proud of. I am very proud of her too.

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