Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well that's disappointing.

During the 2009 season the Arizona Diamondbacks hired A.J. Hinch to be their new Manager. I followed his career as a catcher and thought it was really cool when he was hired. Eventhough we aren't related I still felt a little pride when I heard the name on TV or read it in the paper/online. I meant to write him a letter to congratulate him and wish him success but I never got around to it. And now it's too late.

A couple weeks ago, Manager A.J. Hinch the club's GM were both fired. Honestly, I'm surprised it took this long. At the halfway point of the season their winning percentage is just .392  They play in what could be considered the weakest Division in the NL and they are dead last. At least Baltimore and Pittsburgh are worse. They have some decent offensive pop (Reynolds, Johnson, Upton) but their pitching is stinkin' up the joint. I am struggling to name a starter other than Dan Haren and the bullpen is so bad I forget their names on purpose.

I would put their bad season on the GM's head before Hinch's but in the world of sports, you can only be so bad for so long before the coach/manager gets axed. I don't think a healthy Brandon Webb would have saved these guys. And if he was, I doubt he'd be a D'back past the trade deadline.

So I'm disappointed the I won't be hearing my last name on Sportsentre or in the papers but I don't think he's done. The Blue Jays will be looking for a manager after this season. I am getting the feeling I already posted this post. I found it in my Drafts folder and couldn't remember if I finished it or not. Huh.

Arizona has hired Kirk Gibson and their new Manager. Gibson enjoyed much more success as a player than Hinch but it remains to be seen if that will translate to success as a Manager. For Arizona's sake, I hope it does because every team deserves to be a winner.

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