Wednesday, July 28, 2010



We finally sold our house! 6 months of patience, stress and hard work has paid off!

It's been very frustrating. Since we listed back in January, we've seen dozens of houses in the Napanee area get listed and sell in far less time. Some were sold before the sign even went on the lawn! Meanwhile we worked hard to make our house as appealing as we could. Without sacrificing our own comfort and convenience. We waited as dozens and dozens of people looked through the house (over 50 I'm sure) and no one made an offer. Your house is an extention of yourself and it kinda hurt to think that no one else wanted it. It felt like failure. As difficult as it was, we tried to stay positive. We kept telling ourselves that the right people would come along. Eventually they did and we weren't going to let them get away.

As far as us finding a new house, that's been frustrating too. We put an offer on a house in January. Someone came in with cash and swiped it. As nice as it was, it would have been too small anyway. Then we had our eye on a place and would ahve put an offer on it had our house sold. Instead, some people who said our house didn't have anough yard went in with cash and swiped it from the people who had a conditional offer on it. It was heated by a wood furnace so maybe that wasn't the best.  Then we put an offer on another house that seemed near perfect. Again, someone came in with cash and swiped it. We still have a hard time finding fault with that house but there may have been a lack of water and apparently the neighbour has a dog that barks alot.

With each successive let down we have found better and better houses. So maybe our house hadn't sold yet because we hadn't found the right house for us. Which means that the right house is out there now.

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