Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grace has been sick

Grace has been sick this week. Poor thing. But,she's a trooper!!
It's actually kind of funny the way she is handling it.
We were in Belleville on Monday when it started. I had her in Winners (looking for Becky and Amelia) and she says to me "Daddy I puked" I asked her where and she replied "In my panties". I had to hold back my laughter.
She's been saying it like that ever since.
The other sad but funny thing that happened was when she fell asleep on the way home and then threw up in her sleep. That's not the funny part. This is. When she woke up, it didn't even phase her that she and the car seat (fun cleaning that up.not.) were covered in puke. First thing she says is "um, Daddy, I think we need to change my pants."
Yeah, I think so.

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