Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where's my patch cord??

I have a a very strong urge lately to start making music again. I don't
know why but I feel like I need to pick up my bass again and make some
metal. I try to scream everyday to kind of work on my scream. I don't want
to destroy my vocal chords so I am working a little bit at a time. I am
finding that tone in my scream where it doesn't hurt. That range that I can
comfortably scream for longer periods of time and I don't feel like a
swallowed shards of glass.
I haven't played my bass in a long time so that's gonna take a little more
practice. I've been playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band but that doesn't
count. I really feel like I have it in me again to start playing.
I need to find all my equipment though. I know where my bass and my amp
are. But, not too sure about my cords and pedal. I'll find them and then
destroy the world through my music.


yer wife said...

guitar is behind the green chair and the amp is beside my desk in the livingroom

love you

Matt Hinch said...

I knew THAT. But I have to find my cords and distortion pedal. and my case. and my picks. Thanks though!