Saturday, April 12, 2008

I feel a little better now

The weather was really gettin' me down until last weekend.
Then it was nice out and Chad helped me fix a few things outside.
I get really bogged down with stuff that needs to be done, or at least
stuff I feel needs ot be done. I can't sleep well until I get some done.
So the eavestrough is back up and the tap for the garden hose is fixed.
I fixed the toilet myself before that.
I got the dog's yard all cleaned up from her droppings that were locked in
the snow and ice. (what a treat that was)
Then on Thursday I put up the new clothes line. 60ft of glorious, zero
energy consumption drying capacity!
BUT, although the line is up, my work is not done. I won't be able to stop
thinking about trimming back the lilac branches that are around the
clothesline until I do it. What's stopping me? work and WEATHER!! damn

Add that to long list of other stuff I need to do. Like:
Cleaning up all the leaves and stuff I didn't get around to in the fall.
Cleaning up the gardens.
cleaning up/reorganizing the back room, the back-back room and the shed.
Changing the air filters on both vehicles.
Replacing the sway bar link on the van.
Cleaning out and detailing both vehicles.
Build a bat house.
Build display shelves for my beer bottle collection.
Put the canopy back up outside.
Clean out the eavestroughs.
Level out and seed the lawn.
Paint the fence.
Move the baby gate.
Flip the fridge door.
Wash the dog.
Strip and stain the deck.
Strip and paint the porch.
Resurface the driveway.

i am sure there is more but I head is about to explode so I'll stop there.
Well, at least I have a list all written out now. I can check stuff off as
I go.
At least I have a case of beer (2 actually, Thanks Hun!!) to help me along
the way and as incentive for anyone who wants to help??

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