Monday, April 14, 2008

I got a bit done

I got a new bike today. Reg $300, on sale for $100! yeah baby!
I took the girls outside and we got some stuff done. Amelia didn't really pull her weight but I'll let her off due to the fact she is a baby. She sat and played in the playpen the whole time. She was great!
Grace drew in the driveway and helped me bag some leaves.
I got 3 branches trimmed. 2 left, but they were too high for me to do without another adult around.
cleaned up the yard a bit (winter blown garbage)
swept the driveway
cleaned up the dog doodie
oh, cleaned out the back eaves-troughs.
Brought the clothes in from the line and put another load out.

Good times.
I like working outside like that. I can step back and see what I have accomplished. It makes me happy. I was having a rough morning but being outside with the girls and getting stuff done has made me feel much better.

Now I have to do dishes. Boo.

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