Friday, June 27, 2008

I suck

So everyone else on my crew started their holidays (plant shutdown) at 730 last night.
Not me!!
I decided to work overtime tonight and I have to work a shift trade Saturday night.
I am going golfing this afternoon with the in-laws and then dinner at the course and then to work. I am gonna be TIRED.
Gotta get out with Dad next week too. More practice for the Green Jacket Tourney July 12.
Sunday I can start my holidays. I have lots of work to get done around the house. There is plants growing in the eavestroughs. I gotta get on that.
Next Friday I will be cleaning out the two backrooms AND the basement in an attempt to rid ourselves of useless junk. Plus, we hope to make enough money from the yardsale on the Saturday to buy a new BBQ.
I would like to find myself some skids and make a base for the shed too.
I could work 12 hours a day at home and still not have everything done the way I want.
That's life!

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