Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ya know who else annoys the crap out of me?

Mikael Akerfelt (however you spell it) from Opeth/Bloodbath.

At least in a live setting.

I saw Opeth at SOTU a few years ago and his stage banter really bothered me. It seemed like he was talking just to hear his own voice. It was like "shut up already and play another song."

Now I have been listening to The Wacken Carnage, Bloodbath's new live CD, and it has the same annoying stage banter between every song.  Like "How many of you have our record, Resurrecting the Eviscerated?" or some other album title spat out from the Random Death Metal Album Title Generator. EVeryone yells YEAH!! and then he goes on more. Enough already. It's just a good thing that the banter is at the end of the track so as soon as I hear him start talking I just skip to the next tune.


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