Friday, September 12, 2008

Amelia's Been Sick

We have had the sickies invade our hasn't been good. Amelia has been back and forth to the hospital and doctors...they thought she had meningitis! She couldn't move her was so scary. She had been battling a fever for a week at that point but we figured it was teething. She came back negative for meningitis but positive for a UTI with white and red blood cells in her urine. He thought it was strep as well so off we went on antibiotics with a follow up on Monday. She was up ALL sleeping for anyone. She had her Doctor appointment and he said she has an ear infection as well. So off we went with a follow up on the 15th. She screamed and screamed and I called Wednesday to the pharmacy to see if she was having a reaction as she seemed to be in so much pain! They said to call the doc...we got in right away and he said her ear was in fact worse. And that sometimes the pain in the middle ear can be so intense so he gave her codeine syrup....she has been sleeping great!!!!!! So she is on the mend and I am sure that Monday will bring great results.
Both Becky and I ended up with bad colds because we are so rundown. When I dont' work, I stayed up, when I had to work Becky got up with her. She would get up at the same time everynight (1130ish) and be up til 3 or 4. Once we got the codeine, and the cold meds (ya ya I know)into her the other night, she slept for 7 solid hours. However, it was on my chest, on the couch. But at least she slept! Last night i gave her all her medicine before I put her to bed about 745 and she laid right down and slept til about 9 this morning!! Oh, WOW!! Thank you!!
Here's hoping the infections are clearing up and she isn't in any more pain. Poor girl. I especially hope the sleeping keeps up because I am going in on nights and can't spell Becky off at all!
Wish us luck.

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