Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The weekend that was (I know it's Wednesday)

Friday I went with Uncle Steve to put tires on his car, then Amelia and I
went shopping. Walmart: Death Magnetic (review posted later), Metallica,
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD, and some cdrs.
XS-Cargo: new hair clippers. That store has no carts. Why not? So I had to
put Amelia down and let her run around the store. She was laughing to beat
all hell and the empolyees were laughing at her too.
I was going to go the golf liquidators at the Cat 4-pad, but....
Saturday Dad and I went to the 10th Annual United Way Warehouse Sale in
Belleville. There was some pretty sweet deals. The wait was so long to pick
up our order that we left without getting it. But I did get some stuff at
the Wilson Sports cash and carry tent. I got 2 hats for $2 each, a lefty
ball glove for Grace (smallest one they had, still way too big)$7, and a
putter, a sand wedge and a driver for $10 each.
SUnday we went to the farm and then went and got Grace a new bedding set.
comforter, 2 sets of sheets, shams, 2 valances, and 2 decorative pillows
and a bed skirt all together.
Sunday night we watched The Happening. Weird.

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