Friday, September 12, 2008

Grace's First Day of School

First of all, Becky emailed this to a friend and I just changed the I's to She's and stuff like that. She's a better writer than me and I didn't want to type that much today anyway. But I did add some details. Besides, I have a couple other posts for today so I'll be typing plenty. Here goes:

Becky had sensed Grace was nervous so before she went to bed she made an affirmation board for her with her magnetic affirmation kit. It said "Grace is...." and she listed everything she could fit. Sure enough at 7am she was crying at the door saying she didn't want to go to school. She said she already liked the friends she had and that she would miss Fiona. Peanut thought that she couldn't keep the friends she already has! So once she explained that things weren't going to change with her friends she already has and that she could still see Fiona she was fine.
She ate a good breakfast. We all walked her to the bus stop where there was other kids waiting. 2 of them were fellow Hinches. Different family. They are both in her class. Poor teacher. I think there was 6 kids all together including Grace. When the bus was coming up the street she was so excited. She was spinning around yelling "bus-y, bus-y!!" She hopped on the bus no problem, turned and said "Bye!" and found one the few seats left on the bus. It went really smooth! Then we hopped in the car to follow her as we promised we would. We were there when she got off the bus and Becky helped her in the classroom. She did GREAT. She went right over to the carpet and settled in...waved BYE MOM...we had forgotten her shoes so we went to get them and came back and she was sitting so nicely on the carpet beside a little boy who was doing everything he could to bother her...and she was looking the other way ignoring him. This was the exact thing that she was worried I was really glad to see her doing what I suggested and ignoring him. So Becky helped her get her shoes on and on her way out the door there is a wee boy crying...the teacher said maybe if he joined his friends that he would feel better and Becky looks over and Grace's hand is up..."Yes Grace"...."I cried in my bed this morning".....Becky ran out crying herself...sweet girl was trying to make him feel better!!!!!!!!! We were so proud of her. We then took Amelia to her first day of daycare alone. They both did wonderful.
Becky had to take Amelia to the doctor (you'll hear all about that in a different post) at the same time Grace was to get off the bus so she missed that part. I took the dog up the street to get her. As I was waiting for the bus to come I was talking to this little girl that was also waiting (I don't know if she lived there or that was her sitter's) but she was talking about her old dog and how it used to bite. It bit her and scratched her and nipped when she went close to it's food. I said how that was terrible and she said that her parents took it to the wild cuz sometimes doggies just need their freedom (she didn't say freedom but that's what she wanted to say. it was free-something). Could you imagine if I was such an ass that I told her that her parents probably had it put down? haha. I am not that kind of person. Anyway, Grace was the last one off her bus and she didn't even notice me standing there. There was about 10 kids either waiting or getting off the bus, but I was way taller than any of them. She said she had a good day and she met a new friend named Samantha. That's the only one she could remember. Becky took a picture of them sitting in circle and Grace pointed Samantha out.
This morning Grace was very excited to go back to school but unfortunately, she doesn't go this Friday. She was upset but got over it quickly once we explained that she will be going on Monday. I am very happy that she is excited to go. My little girl is growing up!!!
I guess I ended up typing more than I thought. It's okay. I don't have CTS yet!

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