Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LIve Review: Terror/The Warriors and guests

What to do on Labour day? How about a hardcore show? Let's see, Terror, The Warriors, Death Before Dishonor, CDC and Trapped Under Ice? HELL YEAH!!
I had been amped for this show since it was announced and theses hardcore dudes from across the U.S. of Obama did not disappoint.
I missed Trapped Under Ice completely and showed up sometime during CDC's set. Just after the apparent human pyramid on stage. Damn! (It's ok, they did it again during Terror's set)
CDC laid down some pretty solid tunes. Dual vocals between the vocalist and guitar. Not all the time though so it wasn't shitty. I wasn't familiar with CDC going into the night so I can't really comment on the quality of their setlist in comparison to their catalogue.
Next up was Death Before Dishonor. Boston hardcore. oh yeah. At this point, I was still sitting at the back tables, takin it all in. Chatting with Marc and the security guy. I was coiling like a spring, cocked like the hammer of a gun. Waiting to unleash self inflicted bodily punishment. And DBD was good at pumpin' out the vibe I was looking for to get amped up and jump into the fray. The thing with hardcore is, as long as it's done right, by competent musicians, it's good. I didn't really find anything overly special with DBD but they were great in the support slot. No bad haircuts, n o girls pants. No whining. REAL harcore dancing.
I know I had heard The Warriors before. I downloaded an album of theirs a couple years ago. So, I knew to expect a certain level of quality. I got it. I am not the kind of guy that knows all the words and wants to sing along. I want to get into it with my body. Headbanging, throwin' fists, stompin the ground. So the fact that I didn't know any of their songs well didn't really hinder the fact that I had a wicked time during their set. I was in a fair amount of pain at point. My neck didn't really hurt yet but I got a couple flying feet to the back and my knees were all banged up from smashing up against the stage. The Warriors played a very entertaining set. I was really able to get into the music and enjoy myself. Again, not overly familiar with their recorded works to make a valid comparison but they impressed me enough to consider checking more of their stuff out.
Terror. LAHC. These guys now how to do it right. The new album is pretty incredible and so was their set. As what happens when I have an extended "stoner-rock" listening session, I was not in a normal state of mind by this point. I was part of the music, part of the atmosphere. I realized that the next day I was gonna be some kinda sore. It made me really wonder about friends of mine that go to shows ALL the time and don't just stand there. How long did it take to get used to it? Or do they just hurt all the time? I have tried to stretch before shows and it doesn't work. Terror came out with guns blazing and never let up the whole time. The crowd (by which I mean the other bands, less than a dozen of us, and the rest of the people just standing there) was really into it. Maybe they felt the way I did. There was a chick beside me that was REALLY into it. screaming and everything. Like the Beatles. Terror hit hard, and I hit harder. Man, I was throwin' myself around, bangin' like there was no tomorrow. I got a few more elbows, feet, body checks. at one point my glasses got knocked by a flying foot (leg? I dunno) but they didn't fall off. I had to bend them back into shape but it was all good.
I guess I didn't give much of a review of the actual performances,did I?
I don't care!! All you need to know is, if you like hardcore, or heavy music in general, you missed a hell of a show. I didn't know anyone there so I know you missed it. I hadn't had that much fun at a show in forever. (Biohazard? '02?) I had lots of fun at IHS shows (RIP: I Hate Sally) but only during their sets. I had a fun during all the sets this time. I was sweaty, sore and weak in the knees at the end of the night. Too tired to scream along with my tunes on the way home. Too tired to even play air guitar on the steering wheel. Yesterday I hurt all day. and all night. (work) and today is not much better. my back not so much but my neck is still killing me. Is this what whiplash feels like?
Great show. Great time. Totally worth the pain. Probably the best show I will go to this year.

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