Saturday, June 6, 2009

I USED to like Muskoka Brewery...

but not so much lately. Thursday night I had a Muskoka Cream Ale. Not bad taste but it gave me heartburn and a headache. Then last night I had a Muskoka Dark Ale. Same result. Taste was ok, but it have me heartburn.

However, I cannot solely blame the beer. Both nights I had a big piece of lemon poppy seed cake. So I have to so an experiment. Tonight I will have a non-Muskoka beer and a slice of cake. If I get heartburn again, then tomorrow I will have my last Muskoka beer (heffe-weissbeer) without any cake and see what happens. It's not a perfect experiment but it's what I am going to do.

I like to support Ontario Craft Brewers but not if they cause me pain. I've had Muskoka beers before and I don't recall any heartburn, so maybe it's the poppy seeds. If poppy seeds give me heartburn, what would opium do?

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