Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Trip to the Ontario Science Centre

Yesterday we went to the Ontario Science Centre. We planned on going to the Peterborough Zoo but it forecasted for rain so we made a last minute change of plans. (Good thing. It poured.)

I had been to the OSC back in grade six but never since. I don't think Becky had ever been and the kids hadn't. Duh. We were all pretty excited.

First we went to the KidSpark. The girls went nuts. Spinning, rolls balls down tracks, building with blocks, playing in the treehouse, looking thru the periscope, disappearing in the patterns, playing with the air blowers! That was just the first half hour! Then we went to the other side of the KidSpark. There was a big water table, a bubble station, a maze on the floor, a farting keyboard, a beaver house, a machine to make smoke signals, a mirror tunnel, and a cutout of a boy and his dog and when you open the door over his face, it sneezes and sprays water!!

The Space part was next. It was way over their heads. Figuratively and literally. Space is over their heads. Get it? I know I know. It was really crowded in there with people waiting to get into the Planetarium show. We decided it would be a good time for a snack.

On the way to the Snakes & Lizards, Alive! Exhibit, we walked across a pressure sensitive floor that changed when you walked on it. First it was flowers that disappeared when you stepped on them. Later, it was tiles that tumbled away. Also, there was another one that looked like a koi pond and it made ripples when you walked on it. The girls kinda liked the snakes and lizards. They weren't scared, it's just that they don't do much. I got picture of Amelia standing next to a giant python.

We went through the Communication area and it looked pretty interesting but more for Becky and I, not the girls. But it was on the way to the living science area. We went into the science arcade first though. We tested our reaction time, played with inverse mirrors, experimented with pulleys and balance points.

The girls had a great time in the living science part. There was a sound buffering zigzag tunnel. It was really neat. I chased the girls through it about 20 times. We made patterns with sounds, touched a tornado, Grace scared people in the cave. I liked (was saddened by?) the garbage display. The history of landfills is kinda depressing.

We zipped through the Human Body area on the way to the cafeteria (I wanted to used the aging machine but it was out of order). We ate the most expensive snack in history. Almost $30 for a ham sandwich, a small salad, 2 pops, a chocolate milk, a hotdog, a yogurt and a fruit cup. Word to the wise, bring all the food you need.

After that "meal", we went to wait for the OmniMax movie. The girls played in the tunnel and at the water fountain, in the rain, while Becky went to the gift shop. Then we changed the girls. They were soaked. The OmniMax was awesome. It was Under The Sea. Amelia was scared at first because it was so loud but she came around and started saying "Wow!" everytime something new came on the screen. Grace was tired and hungry but she enjoyed it too.

The drive home was good to a point. We stopped and got a more substantial meal on the way. When we got to Trenton, the crying started. Totally unexplained but very headache inducing. They both wailed all the way to Napanee. Then they stopped. For no reason.

They both ended up spending time in our bed last night. (Amelia all night) They both got up early eventhough they went to bed late and were up in the night. I can't imagine doing anything today. The plan was berry picking but we already have some and it's raining. Lazy day. Should really do some cleaning.

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