Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recent attempts at reading something other than Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Attempt #1: Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability.  Who wouldn't want to learn how to move things with their mind? Pretty interesting stuff. I got about 50 pages or so in before I realized it was way over my head. Sign #1: It was talking about auras and chakras. There was a test to see if you had a good aura or a bad aura. I just barely passed the bad aura test, but I was nowhere near passing the good aura test. I must have a mediocre aura. It said that attempting telekinesis with a bad aura can be dangerous and I should not proceed reading the manual. i kept reading anyway. Sign #2: It was talking about the 3 fundamentals of telekinesis. The first was focus. Focus being the opposite of concentration. It said something along the lines of, an approriate level of focus is achieved when you can read these words without hearing the words in your head. Say what?!! When you can think without hearing you thoughts in your head. Are you serious? Is that even possible? I know it is but I have a long way to go before i reach that level of consciousness. (see attempt #3)

Attempt #2:  Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau.  I got about 170 pages into this one. And I might finish it. BUT, I'm glad I didn't pay for it.  He claims that virtually any disease can be CURED by natural methods. Diabetes, cancer, MS, depression etc etc.  For the first 100 pages or so, he goes on and on about how the FTC, FDA and US Gov't are money-grubbing bastards. That they have their fingers so deep in the pockets of the drug industry that they supress any natural cures to protect profits. Because you can't patent a natural remedy, the drug company will lose billions of dollars.  I'm a little skeptical at this point, but I keep reading. Then he goes on about why we are sick. We are sick from pestcides in our food (I agree), chemical we put on our skin (lotions, creams, soap, deodorant, even sunscreen), from the air we breath, (duh.but he's blaming it more on air fresheners than pollution), prescription and non-prescription drugs (drug companies put other stuff in the drugs to give is different ailments, so they can sell us more drugs. Um, I dunno. But, you've heard all the side effects in the commercials...),  pasturized and homogenized beverages, (apparently homogenized milk causes scarring of the arteries and leads to heart disease) and worst of all, tap water. The chlorine and flouride are killing us. I know they are both poison. But really? In the next section, he tells us how to never get sick again.While this section is riddled with good advice (colon flushes, eat organic food, drink pure water etc) it starts to turn into a 600 page ad for his website. For every suggestion he makes, he doesn't give details. He says he's not allowed. He can't publicly endorse anything. But if you sign up for the monthly subscription to his website, you get further details there, and email him directly for specific products and services he recommends.Sounds a little fishy.  I googled Kevin Trudeau. Almost every site that showed on the first page discredited him.  I watched a youtube video of John Stossel exposing him as a scam artist. A guy from Nightline caught him in a blatant lie. He served jailtime for credit card fraud on his customers!! He's listed on QuackWatch. He states in the book that since most media outlets gain the majority of their advertising revenue from the food and drug companies, they are strongarmed into debunking him because he costs those companies profits. Like I said, I might finished reading this, but I am not taking it all at face value.

Attempt #3: The Taoist I-Ching as translated by Thomas Cleary.  I am still in the Introduction to this. It's pretty heavy stuff. Not a nice easy read. Lots about mediation and yin-yang. Enlightenment, illumination, states of mind, that sort of thing. I'll have more info once I get into it more.

Don't worry. I am also reading Brisingr. The third book in the Inheritance Quadrilogy by Christopher Paolini. Eragon and Eldest were the first two. Dragons!!

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