Thursday, April 15, 2010

"GO BACK!!!!!"

The other day I took the girls on a walk after we went to the park. I had them both in the double stroller. When we went under the bridge on Centre, we came across a dead cat. Yikes. It wasn't bloody, but it was dead. It was on Amelia's side but she didn't see it. Grace did. She very calmly asked if that was a dead cat. I said yes. Amelia says "I dint see it! I wanna see it!" I just told her it was back there and kept on truckin'.

On the way back, it was on Grace's side. She knew it was coming. Before we got close enough that she could make it out, she covered her face and started chanting, "Are we past it yet?" At this point, Amelia is actively looking for the dead cat. As we slip past it, I tell Grace it's gone and Amelia tells Grace "I sawd it, Grace. I sawd the cat." The whole thing went better than I expected given that the cat looked the same as ours but with short hair instead of long.

But the drama is not over yet. Not by a long shot.

I'd say less than 50 feet further down the sidewalk (which is now bordered by a cement wall on one side, and a railing on the other) we encounter the most terrifying creature known to mankind. (DUN DUN DUN!) The Garter Snake. From my lookout position well over 5 feet off the ground I spotted the creature first. Not wanting to have the girls surprised, I stopped the stroller and informed them of the situation. Amelia remained calm (and oblivious I'm sure) but Grace had spotted the serpent herself over my shoulder as I bravely put myself between the girls and the monster. In essence, all hell broke loose. Grace was beside herself. A torrent of tears threatened to drown the cries of "GO BACK! GO THE OTHER WAY! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!" With much effort and pleading I was able to convince my dear lovely scaredy cat (whoops.) that we could pass without incident. I instructed her to close her eyes and I would get us past the evil serpent. (Amelia still cool as a cucumber and probably wondering what the hell Grace's problem is.)  I wanted to pick up the snake and show them how harmless it was but honestly, I've never touched a snake before. Not that I can remember anyway. During this time, the snake had graciously slithered over the side of the sidewalk to allow us to complete our journey unimpeded.

Neither damsel nor beast were harmed and all parties went on their merry way. That is, until the giant killer bumble bee dancing among the daffodils rendered the girls incapable of leaving the house or van. This time, Amelia was just as terrified. What are they gonna do when we move to the country?!

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