Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What the?

That's what the girls have taken to saying. And in context I might add. Becky and I don't use that expression so they must have gotten it somewhere else. TV or some other kid. Whatever additional word you'd like to put after it, (Fuck, hell, crap..) it's still not something we want them saying. Even if all they are saying is What The. Soon might have to break out the soap. HAHA

Occasionally they will say, "Come on!" This I will tolerate. Not thrilled about it, but I am not upset by it. I also understand because they get it, at least partially, from me. When they aren't doing what I asked, "Come on!". When I come across a big mess, "Come. ON!" When a fellow driver or pedestrian is taking to long to do whatever they are doing, "Come on!" Proving that kids will repeat what they hear and yes, they do understand what it means.

I think that in a previous life, Amelia was French. Or at least French was her first language. I can't remember all the examples right now but there are a few. For instance, when we lived with French exchange students I noticed that with some words that started with "h", they didn't pronounce it, and with some words that started with "a", they'd pronounce it as if I started with "h". Like "happle" or "amburger". Amelia will do that sometimes too. In Amelia's case, one example is the letter "h" itself. When she recites the alphabet, she says it like "heych" instead of "eych". When she sings the Hannah Montana song "Best of Both Worlds", she pronouced both as "boat". And very often when she is saying "to" she actually says "a". Like instead of "Are we going to the store?" it's "are we gun go a store?" Maybe it's me being weird. But I believe that sometimes there is hints as to where we came from.

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