Monday, September 15, 2008

Why J.P. Ricciardi should be fired

I'm basically only going to base this on the 2008 season because my memory
is crap. And really, there are enough examples in this one year.

Not hiring Cito back early enough. John Gibbons was just as his name
indicates, a gibbon. A trained monkey could have done better.

I will admit the Rolen trade was good but bringing in Eckstein was stupid
when you have John McDonald and Marco Scutaro.

Trading away Reed Johnson. Dumbest idea ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but it
was pretty dumb. They could have platooned Johnson with Lind and had a very
strong Left Field, but instead they had a crazy concoction of Matt Stairs,
Brad Wilkerson and Kevin Mench with the eventual winner, OH!! Adam Lind!!

Seriously mishandled the Frank Thomas thing. yeah, let's piss off our
leading RBI producer from last year. great idea!

Why did he trade Matt Stairs away?
Oh look at that, Eckstein is gone. What a waste of money.

and that is just this year. I know I missed something here too.

Do you think Burnett would stick around if the club was better managed at
the GM level and up? Or will the late season turn around be enough to keep
him in Toronto?

Personnel in who didn't make a lick of difference : Eckstein, Mench,
Personnel out that could have made a difference: Johnson, Thomas, Stairs.
Personnel from within the organization who did make a difference, once they
were given a chance: McDonald, Inglett, Lind, Purcey.

just get rid of Ricciardi!! Could you imagine if they had brought Cito back
before the season started?? it would have been a whole different ball
game!! (pun intended)

Well, that occupied my mind for about 45 minutes or so. That was the whole


Michael said...

My comments...

Rolen trade is a crap shoot, better defense but way less offense.

Thomas wouldn't of helped, spent most of the remainder of the season hurt, and if Reed was around Lind would still be stuck in the up again/down again game the jays like to play with their rookies.

Burnett will go to the highest bidder, he's a money pitcher.

BJ ryan should be traded for someone could and league should be given a chance at closer now that he is pitching 100 moh again and has an ERA under 2.00.

And Snyder needs to play next year so he can have his rookie slump and get on with a great career.

Matt Hinch said...

Glaus wasn't good for the clubhouse. thomas may not have been hurt if he stayed with the Jays.
Johnson/Lind, I see your point but it still would have been better then the whole Mench/Wilkerson thing.
When is Ryan's contract done?
That Snider looks pretty good eh?!