Monday, April 20, 2009

Good weekend

I think I blogged about Saturday already didn't I? Remote blogging and a
terrible memory don't go well together. I'll assume I did.
Sunday was another good day. Not only for us as a family, but for me
We went to Chad and Kelly's Saturday night. We had a very good time (sans
kids). They let us know that Kelly is pregnant!!! Cool. I took one beer
with me (St. Peter's English Ale. Try it. Organic and awesome) and Chad
gave me a celebratory one. It put me to sleep and I missed the end of the
We got home late and in bed by like 1. But we were up around 8 and all was
good. We got donuts. We took Tyler home and hung out there for a bit. Took
Amelia out to pet the calves and the donkey and see the chickens. Grace
played with Robyn.
Then we went for a little drive and spent the afternoon in the yard. After
supper we went to Dairy Queen and had some treats and played in the play
thinger there.
Girls went to bed great but Meel didn't stay down. She has a cold so she
was all stuffy and woke up.
Good weekend.

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