Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last couple days

Thursday was a rough day. I had to go to a wake for a 4 year old. It was the son of a friend I grew up with next door. He drowned in the pool. Well, the pool cover. Quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever seen. I cannot begin to imagine what the family is going through. It was awful. He was in this too tiny coffin, with all his favourite toys, with his little hat on and a copy of Kung Fu Panda. They were transporting his urn to the internment in Tow Mater. I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral. It was just too much. The wake was hard enough. I came home bawling and sobbed into Becky's shoulder. I went and hugged Grace too. Amelia woke up in the night so I hugged her then. It really made me appreciate how much I have. I will try my damnedest from here on out to enjoy every moment I have with my family. It could all be taken away just like that.

On a lighter note, I would have been really embarrased if someone had seen (or rather, heard) me cleaning out the freezer and moving the new (to us) one into the backroom. I had Iron Maiden on the stereo and I was singin' along. Doing the best Dickinson impression I could. I am sure if anyone heard my falsetto it would have made their day! I did some gardening too. Scratched my arms all to ratshit trying to get all the leaves out of the bushes. Had burgers on the BBQ. yeah baby! Rode the scooter in to work. Got it under cover before it started to rain. I just hope it's not raining when it's time to go home!

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