Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pretty good morning

Becky went to work and I took Grace to gymnastics. Amelia behaved and didn't give me a hard time. I could tell Grace isn't 100% yet because she wasn't as into it as she usually is. After that, we went to the library to hear Peggy Collins read. She read her book In The Garden as well as a book she illustrated called Tallula's Atishooo! Grace drew a picture on a big sheet with other kids and planted a pea plant to bring home. Amelia played with some other kids. It was a good time. I took them to McDonald's after. Sort of as a reward but also cuz I wanted a burger.
As a side not, it was the first time I used the emergency brake on the van. I had never had to park it on a hill yet.
Amelia is napping now and I am going to try and tidy up a bit while Grace rests too. Grace and I have to make a Zoo board today. For her next reward, she chose the zoo. 5 weeks of blue tickets at school and good days at home and here we come, Zoo!!

Last night we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese's. That is what Grace had worked towards as a reward. Both girls had a blast and Becky and I weren't stressed! The pizza wasn't that bad. We all had lots of fun and for little money. Grace is really good at the water gun game, Amelia does not like the rides that move, and Becky and I need work on our basketball skills. We will have to go again sometime. It was great!

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