Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ya know what's awesome?

Grace loves science! That's awesome! She loves the show Sid the Science Kid. First time she watched it she comes running in to me all excited. "Dad! We can smell because of scent molecules!!!"

There is a show she watches at daycare called Adiboo. The video they have is about the circulatory system and Fiona says she eats it right up! I read her a book once about constellations and she talks about Ursa Major all the time. The other day she was watching Zula Patrol, she comes running into the kitchen, "Dad! Stars are held together by their own gravity!!" Maybe it's just me but it seems like she gets more excited about science then other stuff. Don't get me wrong, she like other stuff but you know what I mean. She really likes Super Why and Word Girl. Both are about reading. And Martha Speaks, which is about language skills. It's kinda neat. They use big words (bigger words) and then explain what they mean.I can't wait til she can read!

I am going to start reading a series of books to her. I had them when I was a kid. I call them the Value books. The Value of Determination, Understanding, Knowledge, Forgiveness etc. Each one is about a historical figure. Johnny Appleseed, Ben Franklin, Marie Curie, The Wright Brothers. There is pictures so that's good. hahah I hope she likes them.

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